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Justin Spenceley

I am a fully qualified person centred counsellor and a registered member of the BACP and have have helped many people overcome issues that they have presented.

I totally understand how difficult making that first contact with a counsellor can be when something feels wrong.  Making the decision to help yourself is hard enough.  We all find ways of coping but sometimes those coping strategies are not adequate anymore.

Person-centred counselling is an explorative style of counselling.  You will "lead" the sessions and so feel a sense of control.  Don't worry if you think "how do I know what to say or do".  With my help we will explore emotions, feelings and behaviours in a supported, safe, setting which can bring great understanding and clarity.


We are all used to receiving help in a certain way, and when we receive this help or support we are usually told what is best for us by an expert or a person in authority, eg at a Dr's, nurse's, or the police, etc.  This is fine but that’s not how a person-centred counselling works and so if this doesn’t feel right for you than maybe you could look at working with a different approach (eg, CBT or Psychodynamic) which can be more directive.


I believe that beneficial therapy can only be achieved if the relationship between client and therapist feels safe, open and genuine.  The practice of confidentiality is there for this reason.  It is also important that you feel accepted and not judged. 


I trained with a charity that supported people with sexual abuse survivors and this gave me a real appreciation of people who wanted to face their fears and work through their difficulties.  I have also worked with many clients in my private practice.  The list below gives a few examples of some of the issues I have worked with:


Lack of parental care/support in the early years


Low self-esteem/Lack of confidence

Impacts of physical disabilities

Mental health issues


Intrusive thoughts


Feeling overwhelmed

Sexual abuse


I have also worked with young adults and understand the impact of living in a world where social media exists and how much importance can be given to their digital self-image.  Exams, university choices, peer pressure, relationships and more can all leave a young person feeling overwhelmed.

Being young sometimes means we have not yet learnt the understanding and skills needed to manage these complicated issues.

I hope this has helped you gain an understanding of the way I work.

Please get in touch if you feel ready or if you have any questions and please have a look at the OTHER SUPPORT tab at the top of the website if you're not.


BACP registered member no 00923678


Val Flint

I will listen to and accept what you say without judging.  I work within the BACP ethical framework.  I will navigate a path if one emerges which links themes in your life in order to help you clarify in your own mind where changes might need to be made or instead acceptance reached.

I have been working for 10 years now with many people from all walks of life for whom counselling really has been so helpful. I find I am able to use my experience to take account of a client's needs - emotional and practical - in order set up realistic new tailor-made approaches which work for the individual. 

For some, counselling is all about the here and now; but for others it is important to go over the past to help us pick out how patterns have emerged or been repeated.  For others it is simply important that their history is witnessed. 

I am qualified to practice Person-Centred talk therapy and this is the foundation of all my work but my style is eclectic and I bring some understanding fromTransactional Analysis and Relational theories.

I am used to working with young people (14 and over) particularly those effected by CSE (Childhood Sexual Exploitation).  Something that is growing in today's youth culture is the effects of social media.  Some young people  suffer mental health issues. The pressure that some young people are under to to keep up with their digital image can prove too and lead to anxiety, isolation, depression and self-harm to name a few.  Finding a safe place for young people to speak about these feelings is difficult when they feel they don't want to put on others or that they may not be heard or that there is no point. I provide that safe place for  young people and sometimes their parents to speak out without fear where they can be supported to express any underlying feelings that are causing them conflict.

I am also used to working with those effected by fatigue, coping with poor relationships, living with grief, in need of being more assertive, bullying at work, childhood sexual abuse, mental domestic violence, anxiety and OCD and the effects of experiencing a difficult childhood.

Please to contact me to start the process of healing through talk.



BACP registered member no 798022


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