We offer 1-to-1 counselling, Skype counselling and facilitate groups.

We feel that 1-to-1 counselling is the best way to build a good working relationship but understand that this may not always be possible or preferred which is why we are happy to offer a range of ways for you to receive support.

We offer daytime and evening appointments. The latest booking time is 8 pm.


We offer Saturday appointments.

We can offer both male and female counsellors whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Weekly appointments are preferable but we appreciate this can be financially difficult or work/time commitments make this impossible so we can offer fortnightly sessions.  


The first session is without charge so that you can assess whether or not you wish to proceed.

1 hour sessions are £40.

90 min sessions are £60.

An advanced block booking of 6 sessions £220 saving £20

We accept cash, cheques or bank transfers.

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