UPDATE! 25/2/20

As of today we have had very little interest in the group and so if you would like to attend pease get in touch so we can put you on the group list and when we reach a sufficient number of members we will inform you and arrange our first group meeting.


We are excited to offer an opportunity to anyone who is a step parent and finds the role demanding at times and feels a support group would benefit them in some way.

As a step parent, I found myself not sure of where I stood in the family dynamic, what was expected of me and what I expected of the children and my partner sometimes. 

Sometimes I thought my role was a father figure, sometimes I thought I was a friend to the children, but unless I actually tried to understand better their situation and what the responsibilities of a step parent are I could become overwhelmed at times. 

Also having the support of my partner was difficult as they also felt pulled in too many different directions at times. 

Sharing a home with step children can be incredibly difficult, and after speaking to other step parents I realised that a support group would be beneficial and can help promote understanding of roles in the family, expectations of what is achievable depending on your families situation, and how better to achieve positive outcomes for all.

Listening to others also helps us feel less isolated, feel supported, and gives us an opportunity to share knowledge.

I provide a safe and confidential space for the meetings with tea and coffee available.

This is a step parent group only. 

The group is open to men and women.

A fee of £10 per person per group session.

The group will be a 2 hr session running on a fortnightly basis on Tuesday 7:30 pm till 9:30pm meeting at Strensall, York.

Please get in touch if you feel you would like to join.


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