After you contact us we will get in touch with you and discuss which counsellor you would like to meet with.  If you are unsure we can decide who would suit your needs best.  During the first assessment session we will answer any questions you may have and explain how the counselling process evolves.  We will discuss a contract that we ask all clients to sign.  We will provide a copy for yourself to keep and read through.  We will usually arrange ongoing weekly sessions, with 6 weekly reviews which are intended to give us a chance to look at how the sessions are progressing and that you are happy to continue. 

There is no set number of sessions - therapy will continue for as long as you need.  Some clients feel they only need a few sessions, whilst others may come for much longer.  

We offer daytime and evening sessions, and also Saturdays.  Sessions usually last for one hour.

We will usually arrange weekly sessions.

The fee is paid at the end of every session.





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